04 Mar

Mobile Bars and Converted Vehicles for Weddings

Matthew Witcombe

Planning a wedding can involve quite a lot. One of the most popular additions is that of a mobile bar provider. Brides (and grooms) often ask themselves questions like do we provide our own drink to save cost? Do we get a wooden pop up bar or a converted vehicle? Does the bar company provide draught beer? How can we do it on a budget?

Grant Robson from Vantage Point Bars who are based in Wales writes. Our advice is don’t always go with the cheapest option as this can affect the quality of what your guests receive. Many operators don’t have draught options and can only offer pop up bars and the quality is simply not there! Vantage Point Bars can offer everything within their Converted Citroen H vans. Not only will guests be wowed by the look of our vans, but they will also get the chance to drink high quality draught beer, premium gins, cocktails and welsh brands at reasonable prices.

For those on a budget we recommend that wedding organisers opt for a cash bar facility with a small pre-paid bar option. This way they only pay a small fee to have us at their wedding, but also get to provide guests with a few hours pre paid bar. Vantage Point Bars offers this option from as little as £250. We are very experienced in providing wedding bars across Wales and we are happy to provide a bespoke quote and package for anyone planning a wedding where a mobile bar is required.

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